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November 29, 2021

Liz Cambage Joins OnlyFans After Being ‘Reprimanded’ By Basketball Australia for a Heated Pre-Olympics Altercation

Liz Cambage has joined the adult entertainment platform, OnlyFans. While speaking to The Herald Sun on Friday, the 30-year-old player said she was worried about making a move but tempted by the financial rewards.

It seems like every other girl is on OnlyFans at the moment, all the influencers. I thought, ‘I’ll just do it,’ she said. It was so scary for me to do it. However, my friends and family encouraged me and told me, ‘Don’t worry what anyone says – either they will start loving you or hate you regardless.’ 

She said in April that she was interested in joining the site, and she advertised her joining in an Instagram Story on Friday. 

What am I doing sitting here when I could be making a lot of money from OnlyFans?”’ she said. 

Liz was reprimanded after a heated argument with the Nigerian team during a pre-Olympic match. 

A heated altercation occurred during a warm-up match between the Opals and Nigeria in July in Las Vegas.

In a social media video, Cambage – who couldn’t attend the Tokyo Olympics because of mental health issues – admitted they exchanged words, and things ‘got heated’ between her and members of the opposing team. 

Despite an investigation by Basketball Australia into Cambage’s pre-Games behavior, she has been reprimanded but not suspended and is free to continue her international career.  

Cambage, who announced her withdrawal from the Opals team in July, wished her teammates ‘the best of luck’ but said she needed time to manage her mental health. 

Also, in September, Cambage tested positive for Covid-19 and went into isolation but only experienced mild symptoms. 


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