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July 22, 2023

Lucy Banks Discusses the Challenges of Dating ‘Resentful’ and ‘Insecure’ Men

Lucy Banks, the creator of OnlyFans, recently disclosed that she often has difficulty maintaining romantic relationships with men due to their jealousy and insecurity.

While pursuing romantic relationships, the Australian model said she encounters several unique challenges.

As a result of her saucy interactions with other men online, she has not always been able to escape jealousy, but she stated that this isn’t always the result of her saucy interactions.

It is more likely that some men are jealous of her wealth. Banks says it is bad enough when men get upset because I interact with other men on OnlyFans during my work.

Banks disclosed previously that she can earn an incredible $2500 a day through the platform, allowing her to continue to build her impressive property portfolio and pay for her children’s education. On this platform, not only “sexual services” are well paid.

According to her, photos of her elbows and her sliding down her kitchen bench like a seal are what thrills her subscribers and keep them returning to her channel. In addition to the “connection-based” aspects of the adult platform, she earns a salary of $2500 per day.

According to Banks, personalized content is becoming more popular than sexualized content on the adult platform. Polished content is also losing its luster, with amateur, homemade content becoming more commonplace.

While Banks has enjoyed tremendous success online, she remains frustrated that some men believe her profession promotes infidelity. “Both personally and professionally, I hold myself to high standards,” Banks stated.

“With an industry that values authenticity, trust, and transparency, it is imperative for me to seek the same level of commitment and honesty in my relationships.” She stated that commitment is still one of the most essential qualities in a relationship.

“There are men who think it is acceptable to talk to other women and not be loyal to me because of my job, and that is not acceptable,” she continued.

One issue always arises is that some men are uncomfortable with the idea of their “private bits” being viewed by all or that strange men know her identity when she is out grocery shopping. “I understand and agree with this,” Banks said.

However, she added: “And you are not the man I should be with.” The OnlyFans character drives her business, so she needs a “secure man” to handle her responsibilities.

“With me, you’ll be with the real me – authentic and honest,” said Banks.

“To succeed in my career, I must take good care of myself, be attentive to others’ needs, and be disciplined and dedicated.

Leaving her marriage and her job in the banking sector with just $60, Banks became an OnlyFans model in 2019.

As soon as she became a single mom, she turned to online entertainment, catering to the “deepest desires of strangers.”

Due to her “tireless work ethic” and desire to provide her two young children with a better quality of life, she had 3,700 subscribers within three years and was raking in cash.

“With the pandemic, we stepped into a virtual world that we’re living in every single day, for entertainment, necessity, or just for the thrill of meeting new people,” Banks said.

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