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February 9, 2024

MAFS Australia’s Bronte Reveals How Much She Makes on OnlyFans

Former bride Bronte revealed the outrageous amount of money she earns on the platform out of all the things the MAFS Australia cast can do after leaving the experiment.

In just three days, Bronte made $100,000 on her OnlyFans platform after MAFS Australia. Her earnings from OnlyFans have fully funded her new business, as she told Yahoo.

OnlyFans funded Bronte’s new business after she made $100,000 after three days on the platform last year.

It’s freaking excellent money, Bronte said. In my first month, I made $250,000, and I barely posted anything.

My freedom isn’t what everyone imagines because it’s what I’ve always wanted. Often, people want to know what my belly button looks like or what my feet look like.

While Bronte plans to rely on something other than her OnlyFans account for income, it has allowed her to start a swimwear line. Her response was: “I have never wanted to do it full-time.”

With it, I’ve been able to fund my new business, which is something I’ve been dreaming of most of my twenties – my swimwear label with my best friend Lauren.

Being on OnlyFans has its backlash, but you can get through it. For $700, I’m thinking, “That’s my rent paid! ”

It was actually her parents who encouraged Bronte to join OnlyFans!

“I was told to do it by my parents!” she said. “At the moment, with all of the challenges we are facing with the housing crisis and everything that is going on in the world right now, they think the best way to get ahead is to do something similar to this… so many reality stars are doing it, so many celebrities are doing it, and they’re making a lot of money and building themselves up to be successful.”

My mother said, “Bronte, you won’t look like this forever.” My mother said, “If I were your age, I would get a job.”

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