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January 14, 2024

MAFS Bride and OnlyFans Star Hayley Vernon Hits Back At Protests Over Australia Day

Hayley Vernon is frustrated with people who “boycott” Australia Day after attacking Woolworths for ditching the merchandise. She lashed out at the controversial holiday in an Instagram story.

Woolworths is boycotting Australia Day for what reason? It’s a good thing I don’t shop there anyway, she said.

I know that some might find this controversial, but when do we stop apologizing for the wrongdoings of generations past?

Woolworths won’t stock Australia Day merchandise because of a decline in demand, a decision that has divided the nation.

Her apartment building’s group chat leader had to apologize for proposing a barbeque for Australia Day, saying she feared an attack.

“The holiday is just that, a holiday celebrating Christ, yet child care centres are saying happy holidays to avoid offending people who don’t celebrate Christmas.”

Despite their offensive meanings, the Melbourne influencer renamed the popular Australian lollies.

After racist references to native Americans and Latin Americans, Nestle rebranded Redskins as Red Ripper and Chicos as Cheekies.

While the prime minister has not announced a new celebration date, many local councils have chosen to cancel traditional activities.

Protests are expected across Australia’s major cities after Indigenous Voice to Parliament failed earlier this year.

The first time Vernon appeared on the show was in 2020. Her earnings on the adult entertainment platform exceeded $90k in the first month after she left the show.



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