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December 19, 2023

‘Matt Rife Told His 6-Year-Old Mom that OnlyFans Profits Pay For His Presents,’ He Faces Backlash For

In a recent Netflix special, Rife poked fun at domestic abuse. Social media users are voicing their anger at comedian Matt Rife after he allegedly told an 8-year-old boy that his mother buys his presents with OnlyFans profits.

A Friday video by TikToker Bunny Hedaya has been viewed over 13 million times. In a Netflix standup special, Rife was slammed by Hedaya’s son for criticizing the comedian’s recent special, “Natural Selection.”

On the show, Rife voiced his frustration with women placing blame for bad decisions on “unfamiliar planets.”

As Rife said, “Your future is entirely up to your thoughts, opinions, and actions.” He added, “You don’t have to look up to Jupiter for magical guidance just because he has a ring.”

Rife and a friend served a restaurant server with a black eye during his special. To avoid customers asking questions, they questioned why the employee would not work in the kitchen.

“She may have a black eye, but she would not have one if she could cook,” Rife joked. Then he explained that it was a test to see if the crowd would enjoy it.

“I figure that starting the show with domestic violence should give us a smooth ride for the rest of it,” he said.

A statement issued by Rife offered an “apology” if a joke he told offended anyone on social media. A link led users to a website where special needs helmets could be purchased.

The astrology and domestic violence were discussed on TikTok by Hedaya’s son. According to her son, Saturn also has more visible rings. “This is also unfair to girls.”

Afterward, Rife deleted the Instagram message in which he responded to the boy’s criticism.

“Santa Claus is not real, and Jupiter has a ring.” Her earnings on OnlyFans go towards buying you presents. Rife wished everyone good luck.

“As such, she denied Hedaya’s claim that women are liked because of their personalities.” She was defended by several TikTok accounts, who said she couldn’t bear to be mocked.

“Matt Rife’s behavior is uncharacteristic of a six-year-old, but you are stunning! Keep slaying!”

“He will continue to dig himself deeper and deeper. What kind of man beefs with a child?” said another.

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