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April 5, 2023

Meet the West Yorkshire Woman Who Went Through 15 Jobs Before Finally Securing Her Dream Job As The Creator of OnlyFans

Before finding their dream job, most people try their hand at various roles.

Getting to her dream job as an OnlyFans creator was particularly long and winding for one woman from West Yorkshire. Before she started creating content on the online subscription service that allows people to share content with an audience of viewers who pay to view it, Megan Lust (pseudonym) had 15 jobs.

Megan’s job titles include dental nurse, stripper, and Santa elf, but OnlyFans has brought her the most joy. According to the Yorkshire Evening Post, she said: “I’ve done a lot of work.” I start these jobs and still need to finish them. It’s not the environment or what, but staying motivated at a job is hard for me. My dream job has always been on my mind.

“My career has changed – I’ve worked as a dental nurse, a stripper, and so on. After thinking about it for ages, one day, I decided that I was going to start OnlyFans. I just went for it, and I feel like, finally, on my 16th job, I have found my dream job..”

Besides various jobs, Megan also attempted university but struggled financially and failed to complete her program. Cosplay is the term used to describe wearing costumes and fashion accessories to portray a specific character. She now shares pictures and videos with subscribers who pay for her content. Additionally, she takes user requests and has previously shared the sounds her stomach makes with them.

The freedom to dress up is something I love. As a cosplayer, I have dressed up in many different costumes – I have done Buzz Lightyear, Velma from Scooby-Doo, and Spider-Lady – it’s very creative, and you can create anything you want. I just love it. I’ve finally found my dream job.

“For me, cosplay sells a lot. That’s what I do. I do girlfriend experiences where I chat with people and make them feel good. 

Several people have requested to listen to my stomach noises. I’m open-minded about the requests.”

Megan insists she is a hard worker despite quitting a multitude of jobs. She has admitted to working seven days a week regularly.

The reason isn’t that she isn’t a hard worker. Since I’ve always had hard work jobs, it’s not that I’m unwilling to work. I like being free to work whenever I want – even on Sundays. You are not required to do anything if you don’t want to. I work seven days a week, every week, but I choose my own schedule.

I want to grow my subscribers and do more inventive things in the future. I want to keep making people happy.”



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