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January 12, 2022

Megan Prescott Joined OnlyFans During the Pandemic to Survive – A Famous Skincare Star

After becoming famous on the cult Channel 4 hit Skins during her teenage years, Megan Prescott turned to OnlyFans and stripping.

Due to Covid19, the 30-year-old actress turned to the X-rated photo-sharing site to get by.

Megan worked at strip clubs before joining OnlyFans but admitted that she was concerned about being recognized, affecting her chance of getting jobs in the acting world.

Due to her fans from Skins, Megan, who played Katie Fitch in the British comedy-drama, was encouraged to start a page on the raunchy site.

Meghan told The Sun: ‘I decided to give it a shot, and it went very well. Since it takes so much effort to log on, I only do what I feel comfortable with.

Due to the regular hours and the fact that you don’t have to bargain over prices, she says it isn’t as emotionally draining as working as a stripper.

Megan responded to Megan’s statement that people are ‘much kinder’ in real life, but she has some incels (involuntary celibate followers) who do ‘horrendous things’.

Despite her TV background, Megan acknowledges she is privileged in the sex industry and ignores them in her writing.

Is Only Fans Platform Safe For Strippers and Bodybuilders

Two years after appearing on Skins, her friend Heaven, who hosts the podcast Strippers In The Attic, introduced her to strip.

Megan, who had already been stripping on screen when she auditioned for the club, explained: ‘Before my first strip club audition, I shot two shots of tequila in a pub.’ Since I was a bit nervous, I thought it was necessary to drink.

As soon as you dance naked, the nerves quickly disappear – society makes it appear shameful, but it’s not.

In the clubs – including Bianca Gascoigne’s Gaslight Of St James’s – she made more money and felt more empowered than her pub job.  

Why Megan Bodybuilder Was Afraid When She Started Out

Although she didn’t receive a lot of acting work at the time and hadn’t been represented, she did fear something coming out about her new job.

Bodybuilder Megan said she kept her job hidden for years due to the stigma attached to the sex industry, which she said could have ruined her career. 

On occasion, some people recognized her, including a drunk girl who agreed to remain tight-lipped about her identity. 

According to Megan, the judgment now seems ‘ridiculous’ because times have changed, and women shouldn’t be judged for being naked. 

‘It’s crazy, it’s not the Middle Ages. I think we’ve passed the point where judging women for their cleavage is normal.’

Megan has appeared in Silent Witness, Holby City, several short films and plays since her appearance on Skins.

Because she has not been classically trained in acting, she has faced ‘elitism’ over some roles.

Kathryn, Megan’s twin sister, was critically injured last year after being hit by a cement truck crossing New York.

Kathryn and Megan Prescott Now

At the time of the accident, her sister Megan posted on Instagram that she had taken her sister to hospital following the horror crash.

Known for her roles in Skins and Finding Carter, the actress was in the ICU at a New York hospital and said she was ‘fortunate to be alive.

Megan posted the shocking news on social media and said her twin had a broken pelvis, leg, foot, and hand.

Kathryn’s family reported that she was ‘out of danger’ shortly after the accident. However, she has not been active on social media since then. 


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