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January 12, 2024

Miami OnlyFans Model Allegedly Killed Her Boyfriend In New Video

A new video released by his family’s attorneys shows the social media model repeatedly hitting and yelling at the man she is accused of fatally stabbing.

In a video released by the family of Christian Obumseli, girlfriend Courtney Clenney is shown having a violent encounter with him back in 2022.

Video taken by a third party shows Clenney attacking Obumseli, wearing a Boston Celtics jersey over a blue puffy jacket.

It’s unknown what started the argument, though Clenney accuses Obumseli of flirting with other girls and tells him she had been sober for two weeks.

She tells him in the video, “I’m not sober because of you.” Despite Clenney’s attempts to hit Obumseli, he does his best to keep her from touching him.

As she turns toward the person filming the encounter, she tells him she’s “fed up.” She turns to Obumseli and asks, “Can you send him home?” “Since I got to this house, I haven’t done s— because of you.”

He replies that she’s lying by accusing him of flirting with three girls.
“I’m letting you go,” she says.

‘Fine. I’ve been fired. No more seeing you, Obumseli replies. “What a selfish motherf— you are.” Despite Clenney’s repeated attempts to strike Obumseli, he yells at him to leave.

Obumseli tells him not to touch him again. As he replies, Clenney tells him, “You’ve never loved me.”

“You are the worst person in this b—-; no one can compete with you,” Obumseli says repeatedly.

It’s not necessary to scream. The house is occupied, he says.
Let’s get out for good. As the video ends, she says, “I never want to see you again.”

Clenney, 27, is accused of stabbing Obumseli to death in their Edgewater condo weeks after Obumseli was found stabbed.

At the time of the stabbing, Clenney had more than 2 million Instagram followers, including those who followed her on OnlyFans.

While she awaits trial, Clenney is being held without bond on a second-degree murder charge stemming from one of her last Instagram posts.

In January 2022, Obumseli and Clenney moved from Texas to South Florida.

The Miami-Dade prosecutors characterized the relationship as “extremely combative and tempestuous.” According to them, Obumseli suffered domestic violence, and Clenney stabbed him in self-defense.

A month after moving into their Miami building, prosecutors showed surveillance footage of them having a violent argument in the elevator.

Another recording from Obumseli’s cellphone caught Clenney cursing at him and calling him a racist slur.

Two days before the stabbing, Miami Police responded to a reported domestic dispute between Clenney and Obumseli. Obumseli was heard saying that Clenney wanted a restraining order against him.

During an argument with Obumseli in Las Vegas in 2021, Clenney threw a glass at him, officials said.

Aspen’s video shows that Obumseli’s victim was Christian, according to Wald.

“This shows that it wasn’t self-defense, at least not when the video was taken or when the murder took place.” Wald said, “There had been domestic abuse and violence against Christian.”

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