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December 10, 2023

MMA Fighter and Model OnlyFans Says Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce Relationship Is a Hoax

Since September, Kelce and Swift have shared a romantic relationship.

The hottest couple in the world are Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce.

Are they? They appeared kissing after an Eras Tour show in South America, which fueled rumors the two were dating in September.

In her hit song “Karma,” she changed it to “Karma is the guy from the Chiefs.”

It’s just a publicity stunt for mixed martial artist Paige VanZant. In her podcast with Austin Vanderford, she said she believes Taylor Swift’s ‘love story’ with Travis Kelce is fake. “UFC fans are coming for me, Swifties. I think I can handle them.”

“That’s publicity. It’s a huge thing for the NFL because it’s big.” VanZant added, “Taylor Swift’s getting a whole new crowd to watch the NFL.” 

“Imagine what wives are paying for Travis Kelce jerseys now. The publicity play is huge on both fronts.” “The NFL, Taylor Swift, and Travis Kelce will all benefit from this. A lot of strategic stuff is happening.”

While Swift and Kelce haven’t confirmed their dating, they have been spotted holding hands while on dates in New York City.

With a Super Bowl win over the Philadelphia Eagles, Kelce’s Chiefs are 8-3. Until February, Swift’s tour is on hiatus.

It was in 2020 that VanZant, 29, launched her OnlyFans account after spending six years in MMA. Fans can now view VanZant’s photos for $9.99 a month, according to the “queen of OnlyFans.” 

“My biggest income source has been OnlyFans. The money she made on OnlyFans last month exceeded everything she made in her fighting career combined.”


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