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February 10, 2022

Model and Husband Set Up OnlyFans as a Game and Earned £2.5K After Having Coffee With Fan

An OnlyFans model explained that she got started on the adult side through a competition with her husband.

Marianisol Yotta married German multimillionaire Bastian Yotta in 2021, and she has blown fans away with her X-rated Instagram content, including posing in a tiny red swimsuit.

Marisol uses more than 500,000 followers on Instagram to perform fan requests and share snaps and videos on OnlyFans.

In the recent Inside OnlyFans podcast interview, the adult star discussed her four boob jobs, as well as how her family has reacted to her career change.

Marisol was asked how she decided to start a career in the adult industry on the podcast. Her answer was surprising.

“My now-husband and I were competing. I was curious to see who will get the most fans and makes the most money in the first month. “Good game,” Marisol replied.

Considering their profession, Marisol revealed how the couple’s relationship had been intense from the beginning.
We became very serious about our relationship. After a month, I moved in with my husband, and we have been together constantly since then.

A few months later, I got my first boob job. My husband has always been my biggest fan, even before I had my boobs.”

According to the adult model, the couple began their career with OnlyFans in September 2020.

“We began with just our main accounts, his main account, main mine account. There are now five in total,” Marisol said.

I have three accounts for myself, his main account, and a couple’s account. Besides embracing her sexuality through OnlyFans, Marisol recalled some unusual business ventures she had also undertaken on the platform.

She confessed that she met someone for a coffee date for £2,500 ($3,000).
Marisol acknowledged that her family had a hard time coming to terms with her career choice, despite the substantial rewards she has found with OnlyFans.


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