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May 28, 2024

Model Ava Louise of OnlyFans Claims to Have Profited $30K From the NYC-Dublin Portal Scandal In Just Two Days

At the end of the portal, she discovered a pot of gold. The OnlyFans model claimed to have made a good living off the controversy when she flashed the New York to Dublin portal.

On Wednesday, Ava Louise, 25, told The Post, “I made $30,000 just off this whole scandal, so it’s been awesome.”

As of Wednesday afternoon, Louise, who already has over 400,000 Instagram followers, added 30,000 more subscribers to her OnlyFans page, bringing her total to almost 90,000.

She remarked, “I’ll probably have 100,000 in two days.” When Louise, a New Jersey resident, flashed her “two New York, homegrown potatoes” at the portal—which was quickly taken down—she said she was doing it for attention.

She told The Post about the act, “I went there knowing I could go viral if I did it.” “That’s kind of what my entire career has been, just going viral,” she continued, mentioning her declaration on “Dr. Phil” in 2019 about wanting to become a “skinny legend.”

Louise, who founded OnlyFans shortly after the “Dr. Phil” clip aired, said of her platform, “I’m very proud of it, it’s not easy to be successful on [OnlyFans].”

According to Louise, she usually makes between $70,000 and $125,000 monthly from the website.

She said, “Her partner, who was “just a typical construction worker” when they first met, has also profited from her films and now has a page of his own.”

“You know, I’m good at getting viral.” Louise exclaimed, “It’s been amazing how I’ve maintained my salary over the years, live an extraordinary life, and prepare myself for my future at 25.”

“We have sex, we’re ladies. And I believe it’s fantastic to go for it and do it if you can make money off of your sexuality. Louise acknowledged that her family had a rather “traumatic” introduction to her internet job.

She clarified, “I never told them what I was doing, but my brother and my family did receive content from me on OnlyFans.”

“It appears that my parents witnessed me eating a d-k.” Louise continued, saying that her family is glad she can support herself and that they “have gotten used to” her pranks.

“It makes them happy that I don’t have to rely on them for anything,” she said. Louise stated that her father shouldn’t be too concerned about the blunder, even though he did learn about the gateway prank from The Post’s pages.

“At this point, my parents just say, ‘That’s just Ava!’ whenever they see me showing off my boobs.”

Louise noted that the media boost from the portal incident also coincided with her appearance on a new reality show on Tubi, which premieres on the platform on June 6.

She claimed that she had been attempting to become well-known online since her junior year of high school when she posted videos of herself twerking and lighting fires on Snapchat.

That’s when I understood that the internet’s power could be used for anything. Because I was a loser in high school until I became well-known on Snapchat, I was suddenly crowned homecoming queen! It helped me realize that I could live my entire life using the internet to obtain everything I desired. Louise called the people who were critical of her field of work “ridiculous.”

Regarding the fallout from the portal incident, she remarked, “People want me dead, but I don’t care.”

“My entire career, I’ve received death threats. What are you going to do about it? People will send you death threats if you post information about yourself online, but that’s not my concern or anything I care about.”

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