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February 15, 2022

Model on OnlyFans Says Men Have Asked Her to be Their Valentine Before – and She Has Said Yes

If you don’t have a partner to celebrate Valentine’s Day, you can feel lonely.

OnlyFans model Lu Duarte claims to be proof of this, claiming some fans have asked her to be their girlfriend for a day this Valentine’s.

Lu has received several requests from fans who want a relationship with her on Valentine’s Day, so they don’t spend it alone.

She admits that she is open to requests.
She said she received messages asking her to be her girlfriend only on Valentine’s Day.

“I enjoyed it and maybe even accepted the invitation.”

That’s not the first time the model has been asked to be a girlfriend for a day, and she is often asked to do so.

Lu always asks to be her girlfriend for a day.

The number of requests increases a lot at this time of year; not everyone wants to spend Valentine’s Day by themselves.”

As Lu dressed up for some sexy photos for Valentine’s Day, she confessed.

As she sat on the end of a bed, she was seen in a racy red dress holding roses and balloons.

The model looked into the distance wistfully as she posed for the camera. Including smoky eyeshadow and nude lips, she paired her stunning ensemble with immaculate makeup.

In the meantime, her blonde hair was styled poker straight.
Lu claims that the way she changes her hair color makes her stand out from the crowd on OnlyFans.

She admits men have always loved her redhead look – although she’s worn brunette, red, and pink hair in the past.

Redheads give my clients the feeling of fire, so it’s no surprise they love it.
Still, Lu said that platinum blonde makes her feel more ‘sexy.’

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