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April 27, 2023

Model on OnlyFans Who Doesn’t Date, But Has 7K Online Boyfriends

She’s got a lot of fans. Nala Ray, 25, has over 7,000 digital boyfriends on OnlyFans since she won’t date men in real life.

Ray told, “I have two choices.” “Either I have one boyfriend who can’t deal with the fact that I get noticed in public or that I have a lot of money, or I date a guy online.” “I choose the latter,” she emphasized.

Despite earning $300,000 a month, the California native says she’s done with possessive partners and focuses instead on her online men.
The influencer says she sends a cheerful message every morning, and some of her boyfriends reply. The conversations felt like a “full-on relationship.”

They talk about what’s going on in their lives, how their days went, and even how they slept. As far as she’s concerned, her OnlyFans persona is the “real” her. Most of her content is filmed at home.

Ray thinks having a real relationship would hurt her OnlyFans. “If I get a boyfriend [in real life] and share my attention with him, it will take away from my relationship with these guys,” she told Having them know I’m there for them makes me happy.”

Ray’s got 584,000 Instagram followers under the username @fitness_nala and a big audience on OnlyFans. She gets recognized in public a lot because of her large following, which can be hard for some potential partners. They think this person has seen their girlfriend naked, and they feel unfairly treated.

Even though she’s dated other OnlyFans models, she admits that makes her jealous. She shared that she’s dated men who do OnlyFans too, but they’re jealous because I make 10 times more money than them. Ray will keep dating her 7,000 boyfriends – and pick up a few more. “Men tell me I make their lives better, and I love that,” she said.

Ray’s not the only OnlyFans model struggling in real life. She says most potential suitors are “impatient” for the bedroom, so the platform “ruined” her dating life.

According to a study this year, OnlyFans could actually improve your sexual life because users have a better understanding.

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