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June 6, 2022

Models and Sex Workers Feel The Pinch Of a Slow Economy: “I’m Working Harder Than Ever”

The slumping economy has hard hit one particular sector: sex workers, who say that high unemployment has cut back on discretionary spending.

According to The Post, Allie Rae, a 38-year-old Massachusetts woman who abandoned her nursing career to earn a six-figure income on OnlyFans, says she and other online creators have seen their revenues decline recently.

Rae said many top creators are hurting badly. “It’s a problem.”

During the pandemic, Rae earned as much as $200,000 a month. Her income has dropped 25 per cent since then. OnlyFans performers have experienced a 50% drop in income, she said.

“My traffic has gone down a lot,” she said. “I’m working harder than ever before.”
As one of the site’s top earners, Rae told The Post that she could withstand slowdowns as one of its top earners. It may be necessary for those at the bottom to find new occupations.

“This will eliminate small-scale creators who will not be able to withstand the competition,” she said.
“If they haven’t already thought about other endeavors, they will soon, because most people do not have that extra income.”

Other OnlyFans models observed a similar trend.
Brie Nightwood, an Onlyfans model, told Motherboard, “I’ve seen a drop in spenders recently.”
“I’m getting more freeloaders on my page and my whale tippers have been less active.”

In recent weeks, brothel sex workers said they had experienced a significant decrease in workload on Reddit forums.

One anonymous sex worker wrote on Reddit, “I just sat at the broth for 6 hours with no customers.” “It makes me pissed and I feel not good enough to be booked.”

One sex worker responded: “I get bookings only occasionally from my regulars at my brothel.”
Another Reddit user said, “Economy going to s–t, WW3 potential, inflation out of control.” Finances are a concern for people.”

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