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July 2, 2023

Models From OnlyFans Purchase Billboards For 23,000 Dollars… Resulting In Criticism

Advertising her page costs her a considerable amount of money. OnlyFans model Eliza Rose Watson paid $23,000 for a billboard to advertise her product away from the internet.

In her day job, Watson is a psychologist, but she also participates in OnlyFans to earn an additional income.

The Story of Eliza Rose Watson

When she was 23, she struggled with alcohol and drug abuse. She is currently working on rebuilding her life. She found a way out in self-help groups when she reached rock bottom.

“Over the past few years, I have consumed only vodka and whisky,” she stated in an interview.

Having become indebted, she returned to modeling in a new way. As of February 2020, she earned approximately 2,800 dollars a month by selling photos and videos through OnlyFans.

Billboard Anger Directed at Eliza Rose Watson

To promote her content, the model has decided to go the old-fashioned route by placing billboards throughout the area. She spent $23,000 on billboards to promote her OnlyFans page, hoping to accomplish more than just that. Her goal is to change the perception of adult modeling.

“Eliza Rose told that she does not wish to offend anyone. The ads for lingerie companies with beautiful women wearing bras and pants are far sexier than mine. 

Many people, however, are up in arms, and the billboard even bears the message “keep pornography off the streets” this week. Approximately 45,000 subscribers follow Eliza Rose’s two OnlyFans pages.

The number could have grown more if she had put up billboards. Her followers generate monthly revenue of 200,000 dollars.

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