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September 10, 2023

Mom Dances In Victory After Former Bully’s Dad Joins The List

One of OnlyFans’ moms got revenge on a former childhood bully. Her former bully’s dad is one of her subscribers, she revealed recently.

She celebrated the news by posting a victory dance on social media. Lucy performed a version of the “Chicken Dance” in her backyard. 

It is my greatest day ever, “he said, followed by a celebration. TikTok’s text overlay reads: “The girl from my hometown who tried to ruin my life.” 

You’ve failed to ruin Lucy’s life, and your dad gets horny online and subscribes to her. That has to hurt if you’re the bully.

There is nothing you would like to hear about in the form of a victory dance on social media. Lucy’s fun was short-lived.

To our knowledge, the dad has not unsubscribed and continues to pay. Unfortunately, Lucy could not maintain her relationship with the platform after a falling out.

As Lucy states, it is not merely a misunderstanding.

She has escalated it to the CEO of OnlyFans, and her account has been scheduled for deletion. At the end of September, Lucy will terminate her platform membership.

It May Be The End Of The Mother’s Run On Onlyfans

She was accused of violating Snapchat’s rules by selling her Snapchat code, which she claims she communicated with the company’s CEO, Amrapali Gan.

Lucy said that Gan told her she was being queued for deletion because she sold her Snapchat code, which is contrary to Snapchat’s rules. “I showed her screenshots showing where I had communicated with OF.”

After four years on the platform, Lucy has decided to leave it rather than go through the appeals process. In her Instagram bio in all caps, she mentions, “Website shutting down forever end of September.”

Lucy Banks will always have the win of having her bully’s father as one of her subscribers, regardless of whether she is no longer serving as the OnlyFans mom.


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