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October 29, 2021

Mom Got Banned From Volunteering At School Due To OnlyFans Account

After posting pictures on an adults-only social site called OnlyFans, a Florida mother got banned from volunteering at her child’s school.

A 30-year-old mother of five and ten-year-old’s at Sand Lake Elementary, Victoria Triece, said the Orange County Public Schools (OCPS) had banned her from participating in any activities that may allow her to interact with students at school. 

“She was given this verbal directive for participating in legal adult-oriented activities on the adults-only site OnlyFans as well as on Twitter’s adult section,” according to Triece’s attorney.

Triece said she has never worn clothing that might be deemed inappropriate on school property, in contrast to the pictures and videos she posts online privately. OnlyFans subscribers can view Trice’s content on the site, which is not open to the public. 

Additionally, Victoria is also known as Snooks Online on Instagram. She also does modeling, and she has over 122,000 followers. However, her 850 posts on OnlyFans received 177,000 likes

She now threatens to sue the school district for $1 million, and her lawyer is claiming that OCPS “has decided to ostracize, persecute, and effectively ban her without legal justification or due process.”

FOX 35 News contacted OCPS for comment. Michael Ollendorff, a spokesman for the Office of Legal Services, responded, “We do not comment on potential, pending or ongoing litigation.”

NeJame Law’s John Zielinski and Mark NeJame represent Triece in her damages claims and her reinstatement as a volunteer. 


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