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October 9, 2023

Mom-Of-Four turned OnlyFans Model Reveals She Now Makes $30,000 a Month – After Enlisting Her Brother’s 14-Year-Old Aister to Shoot Her Racy Content

Mom said she struggled to make ends meet after going through a divorce earlier this year and wanted to make sure her four kids understood finances.

Within one month, she earned thousands of dollars by creating adult content.

After she quit her job as a receptionist, Chloe focused on building her online persona full-time, and now she’s got tons of money and spends more time with her kids thanks to sharing steamy photos of herself online.

When I got divorced, I worked as a receptionist at a dental office. In a recent interview with Truly, she said she rarely saw her kids.

My financial needs made me start creating adult content. It was more than I made at my [receptionist job] in my first month. Now I make $30,000 a month. I hit my goal of making $10,000.

As a result, I can spend more time with my kids now.

Previously living in a crime-ridden area, Chloe used her earnings to buy a new home for herself and her kids. My kids will have a nice stable home now, she said.

That makes me proud because I don’t have to worry about making ends meet next week and can give them this life. Brianna, who lives with her, recently got involved in OnlyFans with her sister. 14-year-old snaps sultry pictures and videos of Chloe – but she insists she hasn’t seen anything mature.

It’s her job to take pictures of me in bikinis and outfits. My sister sees me in a bikini whether she films me or not.

Despite a slew of criticism online, Chloe isn’t ashamed of her job and claims it doesn’t negatively affect her sister or kids.

I’ve gotten a lot of judgment online. Often, I hear things like, “You’re ruining your kids’ lives,” or, “Your kids are going to hate you,” and “Aren’t you scared of them seeing what you post?” she continued.

They have a vague idea that I work in social media, but they need to realize it’s adult content creation. Despite the backlash, she still gets many ‘positive comments’ from people who love her for being a mom and a star for OnlyFans.

I’m called Arizona’s hottest MILF. My mom doesn’t feel like making adult content is irresponsible, she joked. After you’ve had kids, you should be proud of your body. My life hasn’t changed since I became a mom.

The field I want to work in doesn’t matter to me. I’m a great mom.

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