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November 28, 2022

‘My Family and Husband Are Aware of My OnlyFans – They Respect Me.’

OnlyFans helped Ana Knoxx pay off her student loans by earning her a fortune. The content creator revealed that it was her best decision ever.

OnlyFans has become a lucrative platform for many content creators today.

An absolute ton of money is made from the saucy page by Ana Knoxx.

She makes over £83,000 ($100,000) a month from her saucy antics.

Using the adults-only website, she earned so much money she could pay for college.

Ana told Daily Star her husband respects her decision to sell racy snaps exclusively.

Even her family supports her career as an amateur porn star.

According to Ana, her family fully supports and respects her decision.

My parents understand that I’m an adult and have chosen a job I enjoy.

As a form of art, sex is neither vulgar nor inappropriate. It is part of today’s world.

Ana’s husband, whom she gushed about, also supports what she does.

“My partner also supports my work, and we recently got married.”, she said.

“I’m a very positive person who attracts other positive people. We work well together.

” I just cut out people who treat me negatively in my line of work.”

Ana has earned over £83,000 since joining OnlyFans as a “sophomore schoolgirl”.

Considering a career in the adult industry, she has garnered many subscribers.

Even though she plans to complete her education, college debt is no longer an issue.

“I have earned a lot more than I could have ever imagined,” Ana said.

“Besides all the travelling, I could afford my dream wedding.”


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