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May 22, 2023

My Hijab Allows Me to Make Adult Content – I Am Fuming Over the Removal Of 300 Images Of Me

One of OnlyFans’ high-profile creators, Aaliyah Yasin, feels ‘bullied and discriminated against’ after a portion of her content was suddenly removed without warning by the x-rated website.

An adult star who is well known in the UK as a British Pakistani adult star has claimed that a site devoted to x-rated content has targeted her after 302 pictures and videos have been taken down. In all of the content that was removed, she was seen wearing a hijab or wearing another traditional Pakistani cultural attire while performing or posing for photos.

ThatBritishGirl, also known as Aaliyah Yasin, expressed her shock and outrage on Twitter after 302 videos featuring her were removed from the site without explanation.

The content was removed without warning, and she felt “bullied and discriminated against.” Despite receiving no response from the company, the tweets about the incident went viral. The company has since restored the videos.

She has been left with a messy account, and she has not been informed of the reason for the removal of the content. According to a spokesperson for OnlyFans, “All content moderation decisions are made fairly according to our policies and procedures, and all creators have the right to appeal.”

In an exclusive interview, Aliyah stated: “I have lost out on income since Sahara Knite removed one of my viral videos. “Due to the highly tipped nature of those posts, people were unable to access the video, so they paid for the video but were unable to access it because OnlyFans had removed it. This is a significant damage to my reputation. I would like to receive an official explanation from OnlyFans as to why this occurred. Why was I targeted?

“It is important that I am reassured that I won’t have to worry about restoring my content will not then lead to loads of other violations because they did not add the correct tags or they did not reestablish things the right way.

 I am extremely frustrated with OnlyFans for not acknowledging the effect this has on me.” The number of paying subscribers to Aliyah’s page is approximately 4000. Due to OnlyFans’ actions, Aliyah has lost out financially on content that she claims would have been removed 95% had she not gone public.

Apparently, the removals suddenly ceased after she tweeted Amrapali Gan, the company’s CEO. “I am the one who runs this business – I up until I go to sleep. If they throw this at me, you can imagine the stress I was under,” she said.


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