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December 5, 2021

My Job Is Fabulous With Guys Until We Start Dating, They Ask The Same Thing Every Time

This X-rated model from Glasgow is perhaps Scotland’s most popular adult entertainer with a dedicated following online.

She believes her unique job is one of the main reasons she’s still searching for love.

“It’s been tough to date since my OnlyFans blew up,” Lana said to the Scottish Sun Online. 

They’re okay with my porn habits whenever they meet me, but as soon as men catch feels, they stop.

However, doing what I love is my dream job, so I couldn’t be with someone who wants me to stop doing what I love. 

Also, I think I attract the wrong type of guys now since most nice guys don’t want to date a pornstar, so I end up with people with me for the wrong reasons. 

Since I recently separated from my ex, I am looking forward to focusing on OnlyFans and collaborating again.”

As well as being well known, the Rangers-daft model believes being well known sometimes works against her.

Lana feels that there has still been a lot of negativity directed towards her job, despite most people thinking people are willing to embrace different career paths and body positivity.

“I would not consider myself famous, but I am well known in Glasgow, especially in Ranger’s circles.”. 

“Not just in Glasgow, but all over the country, I’m asked for pictures pretty often. I don’t notice people looking at me as much in comparison to my friends.

Rangers-daft Lana Wolf’s Parents Disowned Her When She Became An Adult Star.

Now we have a code word to use if we think someone has recognized me since not everyone will approach me right away.”

Lana has added: “I personally still get a lot of hate for my job even though it seems that everyone has an OnlyFans account now. 

It has happened to me before to be asked to leave a bar and be refused entry. They misinterpret what I say online and try to find something negative in it.

People may not understand what I do for a living, but I suppose some people may not like what I do for a living.”

Another OnlyFans story comes from a teenage son who signed up his mother for the adult site to get more pocket money.

It devastated a woman when her ex-boyfriend subscribed to his girl best friend’s OnlyFans – and revealed his horrendous explanation for it.

People say she’s shaming and disgusting for shooting content for OnlyFans from her family home, but she says it’s her way of supporting her kids.


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