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April 26, 2023

My OnlyFans Saved Me From Suicide When I Was On The Verge Of Suicide

Despite fat-shaming trolling and strange requests she still gets online, a plus-size woman from England credits her OnlyFans account with saving her life.

The 35-year-old struggled with her mental health in the past, and she even attempted suicide a few years ago, but since she started posting body-positive content on OnlyFans and TikTok, she has a whole new outlook.

“Doing online things gives me focus and keeps my brain occupied, which helps me stay mentally healthy,” Bailey told Media Drum World.

She also said she makes over $3,700 a month posting sexy content on the platform – a huge step up from her previous jobs, including one as a cleaning lady, where she earned just over $700.

“While I do not rank among the top earners, it is more than I have ever earned. It has helped me become more independent, and I do not have to count pennies as much anymore,” said Bailey. She created an OnlyFans account last year when she could not work a normal nine-to-five schedule because of back pain that developed during pregnancy.

According to her, she has struggled with financial, physical, and mental health issues. “I just thought, ‘I’ll try it and see what happens,'” she explained. It appears to have worked.

As Bailey has experienced mental health issues such as depression, borderline personality disorder, postpartum psychosis, and anxiety, her job on OnlyFans marks one of the first times she’s maintained a steady income. When her aunt died at 14, she went “off the rails” and self-harmed.

Her mom died when she was 12 – Bailey has had to mourn the loss of two significant individuals in two years. After she became pregnant in 2016, she started having postpartum psychosis and depression.

As a result, she claimed she experienced bad hallucinations and tried to commit suicide and was admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

During her hospital stay, she was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, manic depression and anxiety. She’s been seeing a therapist and taking antipsychotics to treat her condition.

She says she hasn’t felt this stable in a “long time” and praises her hustle on OnlyFans and TikTok for helping her mental health. Bailey said, “I feel like I’m finally in control of my life, and I’m working towards the life I’ve always dreamed of.”

She gets weird requests for content on OnlyFans despite her confidence. In the past, Bailey said, someone asked her to wear a diaper while others asked her to play with her belly.

Initially, she wasn’t keen on making content about her stomach since it’s a body part she’s been insecure about, but now she’s warmed up to the idea. As well has some nasty comments from online trolls, she brushes them off.

“Every time I work in the sex industry, I get nasty comments, but I don’t care because I’m happy and comfortable,” she said. She primarily posts body-positive content on her TikTok page under the name LouBBW, which she claims has inspired other women to love their bodies and assisted her journey of self-acceptance and love. “My goal is to encourage plus-size women to feel confident about their bodies, and I have received feedback from several women saying that my videos have helped them feel more confident, which melts my heart,” Bailey said.

Her success is only a reminder of her great strides to date. “Posting online has been beneficial for me since it shows me how far I have come and how I have changed my life,” she said.

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