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December 14, 2022

My Sexy Pictures Have Made Me A Fortune – I Was Homeless

She’s doing her best. She used to be homeless, but now she makes “a fortune” on OnlyFans with her sexy feet photos.

A 29-year-old woman who struggles to make ends meet turned to the adult-only site several months ago and called it “the best decision” she’s ever made.

The British brunette told The Daily Star that she had gone through a particularly tough patch in her life. “After losing everything, including my home, I decided to do this to better my life.”

As a homeless person with two children to support, she has had people try to bring her down countless times. “I have had enough of it now.”

In the same vein, Rimmington did not disclose how or for how long she was homeless. She has been making “serious cash” with her kinky content and has a roof over her head again, according to The Daily Star.

For her loyal subscribers, she also shares naughty lingerie snaps.

According to The Independent, beauty is also into FINDOM, where beautiful women are lavished with expensive gifts by submissive men who appear to want nothing in return.

“People on there just want to talk and feel special,” said Rimmington.

Her OnlyFans could assist her in other business ventures and be contacted by a modelling agency.

It will open a few doors for me. My plans aren’t too far ahead, but I’ll do it for the foreseeable future.”

OnlyFans helped to change people’s perception of beauty, says Rimmington, “an ugly duckling” that “was just a joke to people”.

“At my age, I would never have dreamed that I would have model agents contacting me,” she gushed.

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