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February 16, 2023

Neymar Wanted a Private Hat Trick With The Stunning OnlyFans Model and Her Twin Sister

When talking to her about her twin sister, volleyball star Keyt Alves, stunning OnlyFans model Key Alves joked, “maybe I’ll get with both of you.”

Neymar wanted to score a secret hat trick with Key Alves and her twin sister, according to stunning OnlyFans model Key Alves.

“Do you know what his slip-up was?” The Key, 23, asked samba star and Big Brother Brasil contestant Marvvila on February 14. When my twin sister started dating, he stopped chatting with her. When she began dating, he stopped. He then sent me a message as if we hadn’t discussed him calling her before..”

She explained that she pretended to play basketball with the PSG forward so that her twin – volleyball star Keyt Alves – could later call him out, saying: ” Maybe I’ll get both of you.”

“My sister and I talk about everything. Did he think I wouldn’t mention it? If he had not sent her a message, if he had only sent one to me, I’d already be in Paris, wouldn’t you think so?”

The model added that she knows all of Neymar’s friends, yet she still needs to meet the 31-year-old Brazilian star due to his busy schedule. Key boasts 7.9 million followers on Instagram and is active on OnlyFans, where she charges subscribers $13.99 (£12) a month.
With only 1.8 million Instagram followers and no OnlyFans, Keyt keeps a lower profile than her sister.

In South America, the Brazilian Bombshell has become a celebrity in her own right – and she told Globo Esporte: “I’m going into my third year with a professional volleyball team.

As my side career grew more important to me, I started putting more time and effort into it. Today, it’s my largest source of income. Digital platforms earn me about 50 times more than volleyball, and OnlyFans earns me more since its monthly fee of 16 euros is fixed.”

According to her, “the photos I post on my OnlyFans profile are intended for ‘light’ and professional sessions. There are no nudities or anything like that.” Although Key lacks nudity, his popularity has skyrocketed on the platform nonetheless.

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