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May 27, 2022

Olivia Frazer Revealed Her INCREDIBLE Earnings After Joining The Adult Website OnlyFans Days Ago

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When she exposed another Married At First Sight bride as a secret OnlyFans model, she was savagely trolled and even fired from her job.

With her account on the adult website, Olivia Frazer has had the last laugh – and it’s already paying off.

Within the first 12 hours of her profile going live, the 28-year-old former teaching assistant earned a whopping $10,000.

There are currently more than 100 subscribers, which amounts to about $1,800 in earnings per month for Olivia – not bad for a side hustle.

Her income from subscribers is in addition to personal requests, and she sends images privately to fans. As of now, she is only producing softcore content, but she plans to involve her boyfriend, Jackson Lonie, eventually.

Jackson wants to make his OnlyFans debut, so I’ll be posting lingerie photos and videos and pictures with him.

Subscribers to Olivia’s service pay $14.99 a month, which is on the pricey side for OnlyFans. Twelve-month packages are available for $126.

The former reality TV villain offers no previews instead of telling curious fans to ‘come to find out by opening their wallets.

Olivia also sells personalized shout-outs on Memmo in addition to OnlyFans.

Her MAFS rival Domenica Calarco reactivated her own OnlyFans account with a $10.99 monthly subscription fee. During filming last year, the two brides clashed over OnlyFans.

At the Couples’ Retreat, Olivia’s friends discovered one of Dominica’s raunchy photos making the rounds on Twitter. This led to Dominica being exposed as an OnlyFans model.

In an Instagram Q&A last week, Olivia addressed a few rumors about the scandal, even though the police are still investigating the distribution of the image.

The actress made four main points: first, she insisted she had never ‘slut-shamed’ Domenica by sharing her nude photo among the cast.

Secondly, she said she did not send the image electronically and merely showed her co-stars the picture on her phone.

Finally, she said that the photo at the center of the scandal was not from Behind an OnlyFans paywall and had been posted by Domenica on her public Twitter account.

Lastly, she suggested that producers knew about Domenica’s OnlyFans profile and related social media profiles and wanted the other participants to learn about them. The whole saga was ultimately a drunken mistake, Olivia added.


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