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December 17, 2022

On OnlyFans, a Mother Who Wet Herself In School Owns Trolls By Selling Soiled Knickers

After realizing the act is fetishized, the mum of three feels empowered after being humiliated throughout her school years.

Despite years of humiliation and bullying over her incontinence issues, a single mother now sells soiled underwear to horny subscribers on OnlyFans.

As a teenager, Candie Dixon was repeatedly humiliated for wetting herself in class. Now she uses her biggest insecurity to pay for what she needs.

When she sought medical help, the 29-year-old had scars on her bladder from infections after hiding her condition.

Doctors diagnosed her with chronic kidney disease, which was so bad that one of her kidneys had to be removed, and she will suffer from incontinence for the rest of her life.

According to the mother of three, selling adult nappies online to randy fans has empowered her.

In an interview with Cornwall Live, she said: “I thought I would live my whole life wearing nappies and being ashamed of them.”.

“I was bullied about it, but my wet knickers are now the reason for me, the family, and my children to be independent and have financial stability.

“In school, I remember being near the end of my class when I asked if I could go to the toilet because I couldn’t hold it, and they said no. I ended up having a full-blown accident which was noticeable to the whole class.

“I didn’t notice that I was leaking through the day. I would just leak and then when I was wet I would know that I’d had an accident. Obviously, school for me was just awful.”

Three years ago, Candie decided to branch out into sex work and adult modelling.

She said: “I realized that wetting yourself is quite a big niche in that world, and I realized that this thing I was ashamed of could be turned into my own business. It was just an idea; I didn’t expect it to take off as it has.

“I’m able to support my three kids completely off this income which is all I’ve ever wanted to do because a conventional job for me with the illness I have is very hard to hold down. I’ve worked in older adults’ homes and as a pot washer. I could sit for hours and tell people about my many jobs.

“Now working at home and having my own business is something I needed to be able to do to be independent. it’s been a really big journey to get to this point but I’m proud of myself and my family backs me 100 per cent with this even though I was concerned about telling them what I do.”

She said she’d been trolled daily by haters but that more and more women are seeing her as an inspiration.

“A lot of women have told me I have given them the confidence to buy adult nappies and wear them,” she said.

“I wouldn’t have been able to be independent and pay my way if I hadn’t been doing this, and I could have given my children things they would not have otherwise.

“When people read my story, I hope they’ll be inspired. Kidney disease is a major issue that’s not talked about enough, especially in young women.”

Although she can take various treatments to help, Candie’s illness is incurable. After her remaining kidney fails, she will need a transplant and take tablets for the rest of her life.

“People shouldn’t feel ashamed of having wet knickers. I can now sell mine, and people respect me for who I am. They are interested in buying the things I was hiding from the world.”

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