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December 5, 2022

On OnlyFans, a Mum Abused For Her Looks Now Earns £37,000 A Month

Jessica Carter left her job as a personal trainer.

Having quit her job, a mother who used to be bullied makes tens of thousands a month on OnlyFans. Jessica Carter, a mother from the Midlands, can earn up to £37,000 per month through the website.

As a personal trainer, she resigned when she could not see clients due to the pandemic, according to DerbyshireLive.

After trying the adult website, she has now transformed her life. She owns a high-end BMW, owns an 11-acre property, and financially supports her nine-year-old daughter, partner, and family. According to her, the move was “absolutely the best decision of my life.”

Thanks to the sex industry, the mum of one is looking forward to a “wonderful future.” Jessica said OnlyFans had provided her with opportunities she could never have imagined. I am inspired by the girls making so much more than she does.

“It is without a doubt my goal to earn more every day and help break down the stigma associated with the name OnlyFans. There is a common misconception that OnlyFans girls meet people (the general public) for sexual purposes.

We strictly stick to highly recommended professionals and fully certified content creators and performers. Everyone needs to know how safe this industry is so that the sex industry can lose the stigmas and stereotypes it has developed over the years.”

On the site, she initially earned approximately £2,000 a month. However, her following soon soared. She has earned between £27,000 and £37,000 a month in the past year.

The figure keeps rising every month, she says. Despite this, she says she has encountered challenges – with banks, hotels, and others.

This stigma also leads to several barriers, most of which stem from the newly developed ‘cancel culture.’ Consequently, working for me is three times harder than needed.

“My two business bank accounts have been closed, and I have been refused access to two other well-known banks because of my job. I am a VAT-registered limited company and pay taxes.

“Hotel reservations have been cancelled due to social media searches and seeing I make porn for a living – cue Pretty Woman moment – because they don’t want me there.

“High-end corporate accountants who deal with Love Islanders and footballers refused to work with me because their reputation could be destroyed by dealing with the sex industry.

“As a result of these struggles, I have to work many more hours each day to make sure I pay my taxes and remain legal and legitimate, which is ridiculous. They make it hard for us to do the right thing, yet the media and public still view us as “sluts” or say, “get a real job.”

Her low self-esteem was caused by trolls sending her comments about a “boy’s chest”, which led to her spending £6,500 on a boob job. My boobs weren’t the main reason I was picked on, but I think they were part of it. I had very low self-esteem due to years of bullying about my appearance.

“Many people have told me I have a “boy’s chest” and asked when I will reach puberty for my small boobs, mostly on TikTok.”

The following she gained on OnlyFans prompted her to book breast augmentation surgery in 2020

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