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August 19, 2023

On OnlyFans, A 52-Year-Old Grandmother Makes Six Figures As A Sexy AI Model

As an online sexy AI model, a grandmother from the Gold Coast earns six-figure salaries.

Since the recent boom in artificial intelligence, Gina Stewart, 52, has been a successful creator on OnlyFans.

Several men have commented on the racy virtual posts of this glam granny, who appears decades younger than her actual age. Gina’s followers must realize they view artificial intelligence rather than real people.

Gina, you are so incredibly beautiful! Can we go skinny dipping together?’ A male admirer salivated. 

A third person gushed, ‘She is the most beautiful woman in the world!’ Gina appears in a bikini over a beach scene in one artificial image.

It’s great that you are in California, wrote one of your fans, unaware that the virtual vision was not real. However, a few eagle-eyed fans did notice that the human Gina they once followed is no more, with one writing, ‘Do you post real photos anymore?’

Her response to the comment was simple, an emoji heart. This is how she responds to every comment now, suggesting that a computer program may operate the account. 

In addition to having over 400,000 followers on Instagram, she has over 71,000 followers on Twitter.

The singer monetizes her fans through platforms such as Playboy and OnlyFans and has recently launched a virtual chat line where people can communicate with an AI chatbot modeled after her.

In a letter to her fans, Gina explains that the world is changing rapidly and that she has decided to create uniqueness while trying new technology. I view it as harmless entertainment and fun.

Her AI alter-ego had just signed with a major modeling agency in Germany when Daily Mail Australia contacted her for comment. 

The world’s first real-world person with an AI has been signed to an international modeling agency, she gushed. According to her, they only want to license my AI model to major brands such as BMW.

According to Daily Mail Australia, Gina was earning so much money on OnlyFans that she could move into a lavish waterfront home with a pool and jacuzzi.

My beautiful fans who support me have enabled me to live a great lifestyle. She said, “I own a Mercedes, a $1.3 million house for myself and my daughter, and two jet skis.”

Many AI-generated models have gained thousands of followers on social media, and many are willing to pay extra for additional content. 

A computer-generated brunette beauty was tricked into purchasing nudes from lonely men on Reddit, only to discover that the brunette beauty was a computer program.

In addition to posting scandalous photographs, ‘Claudia’ offered nudes to those who messaged her privately.

One user offered to pay for her nudes, and another approached the AI. Redditor’s hopes of finding their dream girl were shattered after hearing that two computer science students had created it.


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