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September 15, 2022

On Set Of OnlyFans Shoot In Spain, Katie Price Poses In Lime Lingerie After Detailing Her Traumatic Experience With PTSD And Anxiety

On Tuesday, Katie Price wore lime-hued lingerie for a shoot for her OnlyFans page in Spain.

Katie shared a short clip of herself in her underwear on her Instagram Stories after jetting off to the country on Monday.

Katie said she was getting ready for her OnlyFans shoot. She panned the camera to show off her skinny figure and elaborate tattoos.

For a shoot with OnlyFans, Katie Price strips down to her lingerie.

She chose a glamorous look with her makeup and loose curls on her long blonde hair.

After arriving in Spain on Monday, the former Celebrity Big Brother housemate posed in a swimsuit by the pool. A few clips from her work trip were shared on her Instagram Stories, giving her 2.6 million fans an update.

Katie sported a glam makeup palette while styling her blonde locks straight in the sizzling video.

She told the camera: ‘What a great day; I’m heading to Spain for a photo shoot with Onlyfans.

The next clip shows Katie saying: ‘So here I am at the villa, enjoying the view and can’t wait for tomorrow’s photoshoot.

To attract new subscribers, Katie lowered the subscription price from £ 11 a month to £6.30 last month.  

After being accused of fabricating the story about being raped at gunpoint in South Africa by trolls, Katie hit back.

Katie claimed on Steph’s Packed Lunch last week that she ‘didn’t make any of it up and has been branded a liar constantly.

The Channel 4 documentary will detail Katie’s traumatic Ordeal, which led to her mental breakdown after being raped at gunpoint during a 2018 carjacking.  

In a hard-hitting Channel 4 documentary, the television personality will reveal how she suffered a mental breakdown after being raped at gunpoint during a 2018 carjacking.

Aside from her drink-drive crash in September, she discussed her mental health battle in the interview.

As she explained, if she were happier, she wouldn’t have done what she did. It was that night. I don’t even drink much. After getting a phone call I didn’t like, I got in the car.’  

Following her horrific carjacking in 2018, Katie revealed she attempted suicide due to ‘anxiety, depression, and major trauma.’

During the Ordeal, she was raped, and the reality star confessed she ‘hit rock bottom and attempted suicide. Still, after seeing her children’s faces, she realized she ‘never wanted it to happen again.’

Katie has four children: Harvey, 20; Junior, 17; Jett, nine; Princess, 15; and Bunny, eight.


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