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February 8, 2024

One of The Stars of OnlyFans Reveals the Wildest Requests She’s Received In Two Days

There have been some quirky requests received by a hugely successful OnlyFans star. A former lab coordinator and research assistant, Isla Moon created an OnlyFans account after earning just $11-$12,000 a year in her part-time position.

OnlyFans’ top 0.01 percent creators earned $5 million last year, making Isla one of them.

After a TikTok of hers went viral in May 2021, Isla gained a lot of traction online. Her yearly lab wage was earned in just two days. It’s safe to say Isla’s risk paid off when she ditched her PhD plans to join OnlyFans.

That doesn’t mean the job is without challenges – odd requests from fans, for instance. A Twitch streamer once asked Amouranth to pretend to inflate himself like a balloon, a quirky query from OnlyFans creators like Isla.

She has also been asked to ‘mutilate’ someone’s testicles with her stilettos elsewhere. It hurts.

“There was one guy who asked if I could stomp on some big bugs,” Isla shared when asked about the most unusual requests she’s received.

“Not to kink shame, but it’s not my style, so I walked away from the request.”

“His request was to record stepping on bugs and crunching them,” she continued.

For Isla, eating pancakes and filming herself came to mind as another request. She also said no to another one because she didn’t feel like it.

In the video, “I show my stomach swells after eating a pile of pancakes.” “Being bloated is not something I like,” Isla added.

She used to do custom requests for her fans but has since stopped doing so.

As she put it: “There’s so much I find interesting, but sometimes it’s too much.”

It has been reported that creators like Amouranth have dabbled in AI to handle requests she does not want to or cannot fulfill for fans, but Isla is still getting ready. Isla admitted that AI is currently ‘booming’ but is currently ‘scaring [her] too much.’


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