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March 1, 2022

One Student Quits University to Make £2million on OnlyFans by Fulfilling Men’s ‘Strange’ Requests

She says she has become a millionaire through OnlyFans after pretending to be a giant and pouring beans on herself to fulfill people’s fantasies.

Since joining as a content creator five years ago, Kaya Corbridge, 25, from Lancashire, has earned a total of $2.8m (£2.1m) on the platform.

Following requests from nearly 100,000 subscribers, she has been asked for everything from pictures of her feet to videos of her eating and pretending to squash tiny people.

She told Leeds Live that nothing surprises her anymore and that she does not plan to give up the lucrative job anytime soon since she has set herself up for success.

Kaya says, “I’ve been asked to shave my hair off, I’ve even been invited to weddings. These people have never met me.”.

I also use the camera angle on the floor to make me look more prominent and use a little Lego man that they pretend is them to make it appear as if I’m a giant and am squashing them.” There are food fetishes, where people want me to pour beans on myself, and a big focus where people like me to pretend that I’m a giant and squash them.

“Nothing surprises me anymore; it’s just normal now.” “It doesn’t feel strange anymore.”

Since joining OnlyFans in 2017, Kaya has dropped out of Leeds Beckett University’s degree program in international relations.

Her revenue from March 2020 to March 2021 was $869,000 (£635,147). She had 18,000 subscribers.

Kaya has used TikTok to attract subscribers and fans since then – she now has almost 100,000 fans who watch her videos.

While most of Kaya’s subscribers pay for her content, she has provided free subscriptions to health workers during the pandemic and to disabled people in the past.

Kaya made $111k (£83k) in one month in January 2022, her best month ever.

Kaya’s income for a bad month is $50k (£37k).

She said, “I’m still surprising myself all the time, and it’s been four years.”.

Having the opportunity to travel the world was a lifelong dream of mine. I’ve been able to help my family and my sister through college, help my brother buy a home, and help my parents if they need it.

The pandemic made things soar, but I’ve always said I’ll quit when the money stops, but it doesn’t stop – it just gets better. When I started, people did not know what OnlyFans was. But the pandemic made it soar. Now everyone knows someone who uses it.

“Now, I want to put down some roots and focus on the business.”

Currently, Kaya is buying a farm for her and her two dogs.

Additionally, Kaya will launch a new couple’s channel with her partner on March 2, where she encourages people to ask questions about sex they might feel embarrassed to ask elsewhere.

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