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May 29, 2022

OnlyFan Reveals The Top-Earning Sports Stars, Including Ex-Footballer Madelene Wright and UFC legend Paige VanZant

A former footballer and a former UFC fighter have launched their own OnlyFans websites. This is undoubtedly a lucrative endeavor.

Wright and VanZant admitted they earn more money through their online ventures than their sporting activities.

Renee Gracie, who retired from motorsport in 2019, also earns a handsome sum.

What are their online subscription earnings?

Madelene Wright

Madelene Wright, an ex-Charlton footballer, told SunSport that signing up to OnlyFans changed her life after earning £500,00 within a year of starting an account.

Her content is priced at £27 per month, and she has over 21,000 likes on her page.

Wright told us in January: “I made around half a million pounds in the first year. I can’t lie; it changed my life forever.

“I have been able to own my own home, travel around the world, and enjoy many luxurious experiences.

Paige VanZant

A year ago, Paige VanZant admitted that she made more money from her members-only website than from her UFC fights.

A fan site similar to OnlyFans that charges members £9.99 a month is owned by the 28-year-old.

At the moment, VanZant is signed to the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships and All Elite Wrestling, but her page has 1.6 million followers.

In her words: “I was making more money in my bare-knuckle boxing career than I had made in my entire UFC career when I signed with BKFC.

I’m getting more money than I did in my entire BKFC contract in a month. It’s crazy.”

Renee Gracie

A former racing driver became a porn star after leaving motorsport.

In February, the 27-year-old said: “I love OnlyFans, the concept, and how it has changed my life.”.

After quitting racing in 2019, she called it “the best decision of my life.”

Over 505,000 people like her OnlyFans page, and she claims to have already earned $5million through the site.

Since then, she has launched her VIP website, complete with pornographic videos for 18+, on which punters pay £5 to join, then around £3 a month after that.

Alysha Newman

Alysha Newman, a Canadian Olympian, earns up to £850,000 from her content, according to TotalSportal.

Her OnlyFans page costs subscribers £16 a month; the 27-year-old has over 20,000 likes. Newman is worth over £1.2 million.

Pearl Gonzalez

As with VanZant, Pearl Gonzalez also fought in the UFC.

After just two bouts in the promotion, the 36-year-old has created her site in the style of OnlyFans called

Erica Fontaine

For £8 a month, fans can subscribe to Erica Fontaine’s OnlyFans site. Her Facebook page has over 81,000 likes.

Her content reportedly earns her around £300,000 per year.

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