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May 8, 2024

OnlyFans Actress Faces Consequences After Ridiculing a ‘Weakling’ Male Flight Attendant Who Couldn’t Lift Her Bag

They suspected she bungled the bag on this one. A Colombian OnlyFans star and fitness model has come under fire online for embarrassing a “weakling” male flight attendant who allegedly couldn’t move her suitcase into the overhead compartment.


“There are limp noodles around here,” scoffed Tatiana Girardi in the title of an Instagram story about the event, which included a photo of the air host in question, Jam Press reported.


“I asked this guy, ‘Can you help me lift the suitcase?'” Girardi explained. “And he goes, ‘Between the two of us…'”


The remark apparently disgusted the arrogant hottie, stating, “I felt so sorry for this weakling.” “I told him, ‘Relax, I can do it myself!”


Critics slammed the influencer, who charges $15 for access to “Special Content” on her OnlyFans page when the bullying video surfaced.


Many people found it humorous that a self-proclaimed fitness model needed assistance with her suitcase. “Wow, you look strong.” “Lift your suitcase,” scoffed one reader beneath a photo of Girardi flaunting her impressive abs.


Another remarked, “So healthy and fit, but you can’t lift your bag? Sad!”

Meanwhile, flight attendants rallied to their colleague’s defense.


“I am a flight attendant, and I have had the opportunity to see passengers with physical limitations, pregnant women, and elderly adults lift their luggage,” stated Lina, a crew member. “Now this young ‘athlete’ can’t.”


Flight attendant Sebastian echoed her attitude, saying, “Respect the cabin crew’s labor and learn to handle your possessions because no one here is your bellboy. Our responsibility is to safeguard the safety of passengers in flight and, in the worst-case scenario, to evacuate a plane in 90 seconds while ensuring that all passengers are safe.”


“And yes, that includes people like you who think our job is to serve coffee and lift luggage,” he continued.


This is not the first time an influencer has been called out for acting “entitled” in public.


In March, a UK eatery verbally slapped an “appalling” influencer who requested free food due to her purported celebrity status.

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