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July 3, 2023

OnlyFans’ Business Is Adversely Affected By Michael Jordan’s Son

According to Larsa Pippen, dating Marcus Jordan has adversely affected her income from OnlyFans.

In addition to being married to the legendary NBA player Scottie Pippen and appearing in The Real Housewives of Miami, Larsa Pippen is making waves on OnlyFans.

On this platform, she charges fans for access to her exclusive content. Her latest love interest, Marcus Jordan, son of Scottie’s former Bulls teammate and basketball icon Michael Jordan, has caused a backlash among her OnlyFans followers.

As part of her podcast, Separation Anxiety, which she co-hosts with Jordan, Pippen disclosed information about her relationship woes.

Pippen commented on the latest episode, “It hasn’t been good for business since I’ve been with you.”. He explained, “The people who write to me on there are not very happy that I am dating you.”

As CNBC reported, Pippen boasted about the lucrative earnings she received from OnlyFans and stated that she earned a whopping $200,000 from a single subscriber.

Due to her ability to speak Arabic, she also attracts a large following from the Arabic community. Pippen says many people follow him on OnlyFans since he speaks Arabic. My numbers may have increased because that is my community of people.”

The OnlyFans page of Larsa Pippen has been faced with some backlash before, including the suggestion that she remove it by her father, but Jordan appears supportive of her decision.

According to Jordan, he has no problem with it and supports her right to pursue her passions and earn a living. “I do not have any objections to it,” he stated during the podcast interview.

An Instagram snap in January 2022 of Pippen and Jordan posing in front of a flower arrangement shaped like a jersey honoring Michael Jordan made their romance public.

Due to their ex-spouses’ history with the Chicago Bulls, who were teammates but had a strained relationship with each other during their time together, their romance has raised some eyebrows.

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