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August 31, 2023

OnlyFans CEO Amrapali Gan Did Not Support Perth Mum Lucy Banks During Her Departure From The Company

The creator of OnlyFans, Lucy Banks, has earned more than $1 million on the site over the last four years, but on Thursday, she suddenly resigned from the platform.

A statement issued by Banks explained that she felt unsupported despite contributing “significantly” to the site’s revenue.

Despite earning billions of dollars for this company, I do not receive any support in return for my efforts. The company treats its adult creators as if they were cash cows, according to Banks.

The company appreciates the revenue we provide, but it is constantly attempting to distance itself from us. She contacted OnlyFans CEO Amrapali Gan after learning that her account was slated for deletion.

She informed me that my Snapchat code was being queued for deletion, which is not even against Snapchat’s rules. I showed her screenshots of when I contacted OF Support to confirm my authorization.

It “feels gross” that Banks has been dismissed. She wrote in her Instagram stories that she felt the same emotions as “losing a job” or “going through a painful breakup”.

We’re out here baring all, and we get zero Support. A new CEO was recently appointed, and I was so excited. According to her research, she is a mother.

Having a fellow mother spearheading such a cool platform about women is awesome. Among the friends who offered Support to Banks was Kayla Jade East, who wrote on her Instagram account: “So proud of Lucy for taking this step.”

It has not been all roses for Banks, who reported receiving much criticism from people she knew for years for her decision. Having to produce content for hundreds of subscribers monthly on OnlyFans has affected her mental health.

Ironically, however, she realized that the “sticky beaks” she knew were largely responsible for her success.

When Banks realized she had to start taking her OnlyFans content seriously to increase her earnings further. “I promised myself that I would work extremely hard,” she explained.

I think I made around $10,000 that month when I began treating it like a business and working full-time hours.

In the real world, her relationships suffered as she lost friends and had some family members distance themselves from her.

Now she’s “focusing on the positives” and grateful to everyone who supported the million billion media’s new business.

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