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October 29, 2022

OnlyFans’ Fifth Highest Earner Megan Barton Hanson Reveals She Makes A Jaw-Dropping £1million a Month

On OnlyFans, Megan Barton Hanson sells sexy pictures and videos for almost £1million a month.
On Thursday, Love Island 28 shared her salary details on her Instagram.
After appearing on the ITV2 dating show in 2018, Megan became a millionaire after joining the racy website.

A video of the ‘highest paying OnlyFans creators’ was reshared by the reality star.

A month, Megan earns an eye-watering £942,000, and she encourages others to join her.

In the caption, she asked: “Come see what you’re missing?” I dare you.’
Megan revealed earlier this year that she had earned a whopping £1 million through her jaw-dropping snaps.

After joining the X-rated subscription site in March 2020 while bored during the lockdown, Megan has been raking in cash.

According to reports, Megan’s latest accounts reveal she earned more than a million pounds last year.
Last year, the star had approximately £743,000 in the bank and £389,475 in the bank. After paying corporation tax of £141k, she earned these earnings.
Her earnings up to August 2021 totalled £1.13 million, which is ‘double’ what she earned the year before.
In November, Megan revealed that her earnings from OnlyFans enabled her to buy her dream house in London.
The X-rated subscription site’s glamour model, who makes up to £800,000 a month, says she’s ‘proud’ of the platform and surprised by her success since appearing on Love Island in 2018.
In her statement, the reality star said: “Doing the site has helped me buy my dream house and given me all the money for new furniture.”

One of OnlyFans’ benefits, according to the media personality, is that she can take control of the content posted by her.
The Sun reported Megan saying: “I’m so proud of OnlyFans.”. Since I used to work with girls in the sex industry, I thought, “Why not?” It’s incredible how well I did.
For me, it’s about getting glammed up, not standing in front of a mirror in my underwear.

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