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December 8, 2023

OnlyFans Made Her More In 24 Hours Than She Had in Her Whole Fighting Career

‘Life-changing money’ is what Paige VanZant says she makes with OnlyFans.

As a UFC fighter, Paige VanZant says she earned more on OnlyFans during 24 hours than she ever made in her entire career.

She launched her OnlyFans account in 2020 after six years in the MMA industry. In addition to charging fans $9.99 per month to view her photos, VanZant called herself the “queen of OnlyFans.”

VanZant discussed how posting racy photos of herself can make her “life-changing” amount of money on the Barstools Sports podcast titled “Only Stans.”

“I have made most of my income from OnlyFans,” she said. “My earnings on OnlyFans exceeded those during my entire fighting career.” “I didn’t even make that much in 24 hours,” she said.

Due to her fighting background, most of VanZant’s fans are men because of the stigma surrounding the OnlyFans platform.

She says she’s been pretty successful outside of the UFC. “I’ve worked hard in other industries and am trying to become a more mainstream celebrity.”

The OnlyFans platform was introduced to her by social media, where she told her followers that she frequently posted photos of herself, and by monetizing that, she had begun making “life-changing money.”

“Now that I’ve transitioned… If people don’t want to hire me for my OnlyFans, I don’t feel bad,” she said. As time progressed, VanZant’s initial content became more “X-rated.”

Creators on OnlyFans make a lot of money, which has caused a lot of conflict. Some say it’s a way for women to monetize the content they make, while others say it’s degrading or taboo to use this sexually explicit platform.

Teachers in the U.S. and Canada reported making more money on OnlyFans than at their day jobs by posting explicit content on the platform.

Earlier this month, district officials placed a Missouri high school teacher on leave over her OnlyFans account. Former teachers tell local outlets that OnlyFans accounts added about $8,000 to their monthly salaries.


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