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December 16, 2023

OnlyFans makes Pastor feel closer to God: “Joining Does Not Diminish Me as a Daughter of God”

The switch has brought Akiva closer to God, according to her.

Akiva insists she doesn’t feel the need to repent after switching churches a second time!

In an interview with CEN shortly after announcing that she was stepping back from her position as a pastor, Akiva said she made sensual content “out of respect for God.” “My relationship with God is stronger than ever,” she revealed, to her surprise.

There is a rather unique relationship between the model and the church, and it has a long history with the church. Akiva decided to devote her life to God after delving into the world of X-rated content.

Then, she discovered the “corruption” within the church, which changed her opinion (again). Her reasoning in the interview above is that “the church is even worse than the secular world since they preach one thing and live another.” She concluded, “Not all of them are corrupt, but a large proportion are.”

Her sexy Instagram posts have earned her 100 thousand followers. It appears that she has finally found her calling after her recent realization.



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