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December 1, 2023

Onlyfans Model and Neymar Jr. Allegedly Chatted After Bruna Biancardi’s Divorce

Both on and off the field, Neymar Jr has had a lot of turmoil lately. Since he tore his ACL playing against Uruguay earlier in October, he hasn’t been playing. While there was a lot of speculation that Neymar might return, he and Bruna Biancardi are splitting.

They broke up on social media first. Previously, she had mentioned a “private matter” in her Instagram story, which has since vanished. “Due to constant news, assumptions, and jokes, I want to clarify that I’m not dating. It’s her parents who give us a bond.” As a result, Biancardi hopes they’ll stop paying attention to frequent news stories.

Following the announcement, Aline Farias went viral for chatting with Neymar.

On November 27, Farias shared a screenshot of the conversation on Instagram. She said Neymar texted her flirty stuff and asked for obscene pictures. According to reports, the leaked chats might have caused the footballer and Bruna Biancardi to break up.

Farias asked Neymar if there were n****. Where? The adult star replied, “I want to see it.” She sent him a link to her OnlyFans page.

Before going offline, Farias wrote: “I’m going to sleep. Take care, Angel. I’ll teach you better if you can’t sign in.” After asking him to sign up, she continued.

As reported by TMZ, Neymar has denied the allegations, saying he sent the controversial message “years ago.” Aline Farias shares travel and lifestyle content on Instagram.

Several times in the past, Neymar has faced accusations of infidelity. In June, he was accused of cheating with Fernanda Campos, a well-known influencer. Neymar apologized publicly to Bruna Biancardi after the news broke. While admitting his faults, the Al-Hilal forward emphasized Biancardi’s importance.

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