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August 8, 2022

‘OnlyFans’ Model Earns £50k Per Year In North Wales

To pay for her private medical bills, a North Wales woman turned to OnlyFans. After being diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease, Rachael Huckle joined the platform.

Her NHS doctors were stumped for years over how to treat her condition, leaving the now 35-year-old no choice but to seek private treatment. However, the treatment costs her £1,500 a month.

Rachael, from Wrexham, quickly attracted attention with her X-rated content after using OnlyFans. She earns more than £50,000 annually to cover all of her medical expenses.

Her digestive system, including her mouth, nose, throat, and bowel, is plagued with painful blisters caused by pemphigus. WalesOnline reports that the adult entertainer is now using her OnlyFans cash to complete a counseling course so that she can provide support to others with rare autoimmune diseases.

Before going for private treatment, she could not walk and barely ate. I have woken up, unable to breathe several times.

How Do You Feel About OnlyFans? 

As a result of selling raunchy pictures, I have been able to afford a home and have been able to get private treatment for a rare condition.

The situation isn’t perfect, but it’s better than lying in bed all day because it hurts to move.” But OnlyFans allowed me to live everyday life.

I was able to live an everyday life thanks to OnlyFans.

In return, I want to give back to others going through what I did, who felt there was no point in continuing. I didn’t see a way out, but I’m proof it’s possible.”

When Rachel was nine years old, she was admitted to the hospital for persistent kidney infections. Additionally, she had difficulty swallowing and throat pain while eating.

Because no one could diagnose her “mystery” illness, Rachel spent the next nine years in hospital. Due to her difficulty eating, her weight plummeted to just under four stone, and she was misdiagnosed with an eating disorder.

“It felt like something was permanently lodged in my throat and swallowing was extremely painful,” Rachel said. Throughout my teens, I spent Christmases and birthdays in hospitals.

I was diagnosed with anorexia after the fear of eating caused me to fear food. I was referred to specialists all over the country without success.”

As Rachael’s health declined, her daily life was affected. It left her unable to speak due to severe exhaustion, joint pain, and swelling on her face and tongue.

Rachel was hospitalized several times and had to carry an epi-pen in case of an allergy. Due to her undiagnosed illness, she eventually lost her job at a law firm.

There were days when Rachael could not get up from bed. Throughout my life, I had painful blisters and lost so much blood in my stool that I had to get a transfusion.

Because I was constantly unwell, I lost my job. It seemed as if I was going to die from the pain and the lack of quality of life I experienced.”

As a former model, Rachel heard about the website OnlyFans. Users can purchase content from creators – including ‘raunchy’ photos and videos – via the site.

When Rachael set up a page to earn some extra cash, she couldn’t believe the response she received. Modeling and cosplay are my niches, she explained.

The costumes I make for video games and characters get a lot of attention. There is a reputation that the website is highly scandalous.

In addition, Rachel has amassed over 400 followers to her OnlyFans page since starting her page in 2019.

Among the top three percent of creators on the site, she makes on average £4,000 a month selling her photos. With her money, Rachael could pay for private treatment and obtain a formal diagnosis for her illness.

The condition, which causes blistering and eroding of the skin, is caused by a rare immunobullous autoimmune disease called pemphigus. While she still experiences flare-ups, she has been able to control her symptoms better with the correct treatment.

On average, she spends £1,500 a month on medications, blood tests, and other appointments and check-ups, which cost her daily pills. Her cheeky pictures and a growing following of subscribers make her no longer have to deal with the issues that once kept her from leaving her house.

In exchange for my content, I am earning more than I could have dreamed of for a person in my position.

I have been able to recover mentally from some very dark places. People might say I’ll regret sharing provocative pictures in the future, but I am thankful to live in the present.

Now that I’m getting the treatment I need, my life is just starting. I’m not coasting anymore – I’m present and happy.”

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