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October 10, 2023

OnlyFans Model Exposed By Minneapolis PD

OnlyFans model, who works at the Fourth Precinct, is being investigated by the Minneapolis Police Department.

Officers get access to explicit material like porn, private photos, and videos for a monthly fee. Her work as a police officer has earned her respect and recognition.

It’s time to determine if running the OnlyFans page violates department policy and ethics.

In Minnesota, officers should “keep [their] private lives unsullied so that they’re an example to everyone.” In addition, the Minnesota Police Officers Standards and Training Policy says: “Peace officers mustn’t do anything that will discredit them or their agency, or hurt how they or other officers do their jobs.”

The Minneapolis Police Department was asked on Sunday if the page violated any policies or codes and how long the administration had been aware of it.

The department stated that it takes allegations of policy violations seriously, and the Chief ordered an investigation.

In addition, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey’s office stated that “if we are merely talking about naked pictures behind a paywall, the mayor has no objection.” Her “OnlyFans” page doesn’t identify her as a police officer. She may have been in uniform.

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