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June 7, 2022

OnlyFans Model Mery Liviero Files a Police Complaint After Her Explicit Pictures Are Leaked

After her pictures were leaked from OnlyFans and shared online, Mery Liviero, MasterChef star and OnlyFans model, called for a police investigation.

The 26-year-old reportedly joined OnlyFans to earn extra money to start her own YouTube channel and build a kitchen studio.

The MasterChef Italy contestant was shocked to discover that some of the explicit images she shared in the private OnlyFans chats were being shared online through Facebook and WhatsApp.

The model contacted the cops and demanded an investigation in response to the leak. “If you cross the line, it’s a serious criminal offense,” said the aspiring chef, whose real name is Maria Grazia Liviero.

A follower on Instagram informed me that a Telegram channel featuring my photos had been created. Liviero repeated, “If you steal my material and post it, I will find you and report you.” Under Italy’s penal code, she reported the “illegal dissemination of sexually explicit images or videos.”

“Any disclosure of materials and content outside this portal will be sued in court,” the model concluded. “The information shared and published on my profile must not be shared or sold. According to Daily Star, Liviero manages a ravioli shop in Rome and lives with her boyfriend, dog, and cat. Additionally, the Masterchef contestant is a personal trainer.

“If I were these people, I would immediately remove the content from the forum while ensuring that the legal measures will still be in place. I want to thank all the others who respect other people and are helping me to report these idiots.”

Liviero posts images of herself, her life, and her food on the social media platform. The portal reports that Liviero contacted Polizia Postale e delle Comunicazioni, a department of the Italian police that specializes in communication network crimes.

She said, “It would never be possible to buy the right materials or a decent house with a decent kitchen to create videos” without her modeling work. As to the police complaint, “I took action through the police portal and my lawyers and Milan for the publication of my contents of OF on an external public forum.”

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