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March 21, 2023

OnlyFans Model Says Mia Khalifa Has The ‘Sexiest Bod’ After Latest Post

Mia Khalifa’s ‘sexiest bod ever’ has been hailed by a budding OnlyFans model after she shared more snaps and videos from her time in Europe.

Following a recent post by Mia Khalifa, a fellow OnlyFans model told her she had the “sexiest body ever.” Mia, 30, shared on Instagram her highlights from her time in Italy and France in March.

A swimsuit shot was taken in a spa with a huge screen, a giant teddy bear, and a tiny Chihuahua dog that looked content.

She captioned the set, “My favorite moments from MILAN FLORENCE PARIS this month.”

Mia pokes her head through an artsy version of a seaside photo stand-in board in the first image, creating an optical illusion.

She poses with a striped hourglass figure instead of a couple of comical Victorian bathers. A former Pornhub actress with over 27 million Instagram followers, comments are never in short supply.

One influencer exclaimed, “How dare you live my dream life!”. Paris Hilinski, a 19-year-old golfer, commented: “Beautiful.” Another wrote: “Amazing!! Mia the Renaissance Woman !!”

It was enough for a budding model to reaffirm her glowing opinion of the photos and videos she shared on Saturday.

Taking to Twitter, she wrote: “My birthday dress (emoji) feels just as magical as it looks; Clio had bills due when she designed this one !!”

In the eight-second video, she suggests opening a bottle of fizz with her high heel. Earlier this week, a hoax report claimed Mia Khalifa had died in a car accident.

She was busy frolicking by the beach and posing in barely-there swimwear as fans feared the worst. She adjusts her bucket hat and smokes as a bright blue ocean waits invitingly behind her. After posting a barrage of clips, Mia posted yet another – this time with caviar in a bikini.

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