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When Mimi started passing out on the platform, her husband had to revive her. She makes £31,000 a month on the forum.

According to an OnlyFans model, she sometimes faints after having too much sex with her new husband.

Just four months after they met, Mimi Boliviana, 33, and Victo Ferraz, 26, got married in a £32,000 ceremony in Dubai and honeymooned in the Maldives.

They claim to have sex up to five times a day, with their antics nearly knocking Mimi out. With about £31,000 in earnings in just one month, the model earns more than the average annual wage in the UK.

She says getting between the sheets with Victor lowers her blood sugar levels.

Mimi said that sometimes she feels sick from the amount of sex.

“The experience is so intense. After having sex once, my blood pressure dropped so much that I nearly passed out.

“Victor had to give me sugar right away to revive me. We have sex all the time.”

Now, the pair share X-rated content on OnlyFans for profit. Mimi said: “We were already working with the sale of adult content long before we even met.”

As a result, we are used to recording.” I enjoy my work a lot because I get to fulfil my sexual fantasies and earn an economic profit from it, because I often have fantasies that are out of the ordinary.”

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