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December 1, 2021

OnlyFans Models Melissa Santos Reveals Her Husband’s Reaction

Melissa Santos is one of the latest people to join OnlyFans. The reaction of her husband, AEW wrestler Brian Cage, was strong.

The podcast Insight with Chris Van Vliet recently had Melissa Santos on to discuss the topic of AEW and other things related to it. She talked about how it all started.

“I did not expect to make the announcement. I was approached by new management, who said, ‘We can help you do this and organize you in this way.

However, we can also handle some stuff for you and create content for OnlyFans.’ They just kept pushing and worked with influencers and other things.

Besides that, they helped me with outside partnerships, so yeah, let’s go. I have a partnership that benefits the fans. My husband put me on a pedestal by telling me, ‘Babe do it! I want to see you out there is hot!’ It wasn’t something I wanted to do on my own. I needed that push.”

As it turns out, AEW superstar Brian Cage supported his wife’s decision to join the platform. He took pictures of Melissa Santos for the platform.

AEW wrestler husband Santos said, “He loves it; he approves some of the content.” He’s like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is great. He’s  perfect,’ and I feel like since he is a man and men will approve of the content, so here we are.”

Melissa Santos also spoke about bodybuilding in addition to AEW and OnlyFans. During the interview, she also discussed how she met Brian Cage.

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