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August 26, 2022

OnlyFans Mom Declares Her An Excellent Parent To Trolls

Seeing how much her daughter Tiahnee earned selling saucy content on OnlyFans, Evie Leana decided to join her. Having begun her adult career six months ago, Evie is now defending her new job.

One single mother who follows her daughter into earning money on OnlyFans has hit back at trolls who question her parenting abilities. Evie Leana, the model’s mum, also changed careers after Tiahnee joined OnlyFans at 18.

The 37-year-old Adelaide woman, six months into her adult modelling career, claims to have already earned $100,000AUD (roughly £59,000).

After being asked whether she had faced criticism for posing nude online, Evie took the opportunity to defend her parenting on the Ali Clarke Breakfast show.

“I’ve been judged quite a bit,” she admitted. “I think it’s fun and empowering if you can make money creating content that you and others enjoy.

My main concerns as a mother with Tiahnee were safety concerns, but we are very discreet. Despite people’s judgment, I have taught my daughters, not by following in my footsteps, but by following in theirs.”

She said that a career with OnlyFans came at an ideal time in Evie’s life.
As a single mother, she can spend more time at home with her children.

As a mother, she concentrates entirely on her children and herself. I’m a great mum; I kiss them goodnight every night at the end of the day.” I’m a great mum; I kiss them goodnight every night at the end of the day.”

Despite occasional criticism, Evie said most of her subscribers on OnlyFans are respectful and don’t even mention sex with her.

She said, “They’ve all been very respectful to me. None of them have actually given me the creeps.”

People who want to chat with me, check on how I’m doing, spoil me, and give me tips. Sometimes, the conversation refers to day-to-day life, work, etc.”

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