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December 12, 2022

OnlyFans Mom Pays Neighbours’ Bills After Escaping Poverty

Her experience with the app has been ‘life-changing’, said Stacey Louise.

She now offers to help neighbours pay for their energy bills after joining OnlyFans to escape poverty.

LancsLive reports that Stacey Louise grew up on one of Chorley’s poorest estates. A 28-year-old woman said her local community provided her family with furniture, heating and food during their hardest times.

Stacey suffered more hardships as she grew up and was in an abusive relationship in her early twenties. She suffered from mental health issues and financial difficulties due to her inability to work full-time jobs.

OnlyFans has changed her life, and she wants to thank them. Having been supported by the community, Stacey wants to give back.

“As last year, I helped distribute essentials to the homeless. However, this year, I want to help those in need, even though they have a home and may not want to ask for help. I am grateful to be warm in this weather, but then I feel guilty for it.

Since it’s getting to minus three degrees lately, I am offering a judgement-free option of getting help. The response has been overwhelming.

As a last-minute option, I have given people heaters in flats to keep them from sleeping in sleeping bags or dressing in front of a heater.”

On her Facebook page, Stacey Louise offers money to those struggling to top up their meters and provides warm clothes or a hot meal.

“Most of them are full-time workers with kids, but they are too proud to reach out for help,” Stacey said. “They earn a living wage but can’t find another job or afford necessities.

“When I was working as a care assistant, I earned minimum wage. I know people who work 12-hour shifts, taking on extra hours, and the salary should be enough, but it isn’t.”

In her early 20s, Stacey had been modelling and wanted to gain more independence when she joined OnlyFans two years ago.
When I was 22 and 23, I was in an abusive relationship and couldn’t find full-time work.

I decided to join OnlyFans because it allowed me to run my own business and gain independence.

” Over the last two years, I’ve risen to the top 3% of creators, earning a nice, comfortable living.

“I know what it’s like to struggle; at one point, I could not even afford to buy sanitary products for myself, so instead of giving my money to charity, I decided to help people directly.

“When I was buying nappies one day, a stranger saw me counting my change and offered to buy them for me and said if my situation improved, I should pass it on.”

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