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January 31, 2022

‘OnlyFans’ Mum Quits Job After Colleagues Discover Her Videos Make £200k a Month

After colleagues discovered her OnlyFans page, a mum quit her job as a nurse and now earns nearly £200,000 a month.

Allie Rae, a mother of three from Boston in the US, quit her job as a senior neonatal nurse because her coworkers found out about her side gig and reported her to management.

According to the 37-year-old, nursing or OnlyFans was her request. She has no complaints about quitting her job after 15 years.

Allie now spends her days getting steamy with her husband Steve on their channel, which makes $250,000 a month – but she insists her family is just like any other.

The decision to go full-time with OnlyFans was a joint decision made by my husband and me when I left my hospital job.
Despite being featured on Allie’s channel, Steve’s mother claims he’s camera shy and doesn’t enjoy the spotlight.

He dislikes the camera and doesn’t show his face, only his parts,” she said.

“For the most part, we live a very normal life.”

The rest of the time, Steve and I are just parents running a business from home. We don’t film every day, but maybe twice a month.

“We have chores, we watch movies together, we go to dinner, they get grounded, etc. – just like any other family.”

Allie’s new job brings her more money than she has ever made, but it also allows her to spend more time with her spouse and kids.
“I was rarely ever home for the holidays as an ICU nurse, but I was there with them for the first time in years this Christmas. It made my heart melt.”.

“We have also travelled a lot and seen places we might not have seen otherwise.”

Steve likes to support his wife financially after quitting his job with an airline company due to pandemic uncertainties.

She sometimes forgets to stop and relax, says he, because she tends to overwork herself.

“Getting up and spending time together has been amazing since we both used to work so many hours.”

They guarded their OnlyFans adventure against their family and friends when they began.

As For Allie, she stated: “I think there is more judgment about Steve than there is about me as a woman, like – are you ok with your wife doing this?’

He has to fight those pre-judgments from people who want to put him into a submissive category.

I’ve told all our friends about it, and they think it’s fantastic.

“I only have sex with my husband and I only film sex with my husband, so how can you criticize someone who does that and makes money from it?”

Why shouldn’t we make money from it since we’re going to have sex anyway? I think it’s a pretty good gig.”

However, after finding out about her YouTube channel, some friends “dropped” her.
We are still very much the same people. Nothing else has changed, she insisted.

My sister is even helping me with the administrative side of things.” “She and her husband are very supportive.”

Allie says that the OnlyFans content has brought the couple closer together and money.

There are so many times when we intend to film a video, but we get carried away at the moment and throw the camera to the side.

Everything we film is very candid and accurate. We don’t fake it, and it’s our perspective. We are husband and wife and very much in love at the end of the day.”

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