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September 13, 2023

OnlyFans Named Miami The Capital Of The U.S. – Here Is Why

A scandalous title has been bestowed upon Miami. According to a recent study, Miami has been crowned the capital of OnlyFans in the United States. is an online subscription service for creators 18 and older that empowers them to monetize their content, create authentic connections with their fans, and own their full potential.

“Whenever I have something more spicy, like a video, I shoot nude,” says Heloine Moreno, creator of OnlyFans. “I sometimes work with partners, but I would not consider myself a porn star or anything.”

Over 1,500 pictures and videos have been posted by Moreno. For access to her content, subscribers pay a monthly fee similar to that of other OnlyFans creators.

It costs $12 per month to subscribe. People may be surprised, saying, ‘OMG, so you sell yourself for $12?’ The best way to reach your $12 subscribers is to post pictures and videos on your feed.

In Miami, there are approximately 4,912 content creators. There are more models per capita in this city than in any other city in the United States.

According to Madhouse Labs, the data was compiled using profile location information from OnlyFans and population data from the United States Census.

“With people in Miami already working music videos and commercials showing off their skin, it is not difficult to move from one job to another,” said Moreno.

Her average month’s income is $9,000, and she’s in the top 5% of performers. She began OnlyFans after being featured in a naked spread on Playboy.

Further, Moreno established a modelling consulting firm to assist other models in succeeding. A 9-to-5 job does not provide her the same level of autonomy, freedom, or flexibility as the platform.

However, I believe that I can make as much money as possible by becoming my boss and being my boss. I hustle and make the most of every opportunity that comes my way.

Although OnlyFans workers have greater control over their content than workers employed by a porn production company, they must also operate without the rules and practices of this industry.

His highest-paying month was $28,000. Lowi is also an OnlyFans model living in Miami and posting pictures and videos on social media.

“Throughout my life, I have worked in many different fields, especially when I came to the United States,” noted Lowi.

“I worked in construction, delivery, restaurants, and as a cleaner.”

However, her most successful and favourite profession has been working as a creator for OnlyFans.

“The platform has given me the freedom to pursue and achieve my dreams by allowing me to create my content,” Lowi said.

In the first place, he stated that he would like to purchase a house here. This is extremely important to him. “Make some dreams come true for my family and friends.”

OnlyFans says it cannot verify the findings since it does not disclose the locations of its content creators.

Las Vegas is the second city with the most OnlyFans models.


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