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June 27, 2023

OnlyFans Paid £35,000 a Month To the ‘Devil Baby’ Influencer Who Slept With Mason Mount

OnlyFans previously paid £35,000 to an Instagram influencer who called herself ‘Devil Baby’ and slept with Mason Mount before stalking him.

On OnlyFans, Orla Melissa Sloan, also known as Baby Devil, earned a significant amount each month for sleeping with Mason Mount and stalking him.

Chelsea stars Mason Mount, Billy Gilmour, and Ben Chilwell were harassed and stalked by Sloan, who avoided jail time by pleading guilty to harassment and stalking charges.

After a one-night stand with Mount, the model became wildly attached to him, but her devotion to him and the Chelsea ace landed her in hot water following stalking and harassment charges.

‘Devil Baby’ warned Mason: “Beware of the Devil Baby.” And the result was she couldn’t do her only fans page, which made her more in a month than most people make in a year, and she missed out on a summer job on the Greek party island of Mykonos.’

After completing 11 GCSEs, Sloan dropped out of sixth-form college to work as a pot washer in a restaurant, earning up to £35,000 a month with her exclusive online content.

Regarding her decision to pursue OnlyFans, she stated: “As I was washing up one day, I thought, ‘Even if one subscribed for a tenner, that’s a higher income than I’ve earned in the last hour.'”

Although she is still attempting to make it as a model and influencer, she deleted her OnlyFans account after attending a party hosted by Chilwell, during which she romped with Mount.

Following the harassment she received concerning the Chelsea pair and Brighton & Hove Albion midfielder Billy Gilmour, she deleted her OnlyFans account.

Meanwhile, Mount has also found himself in limbo after Chelsea rejected three bids for him from Manchester United during the legal proceedings.

United has not withdrawn from the negotiation, but the disparity between the two clubs’ valuations makes a compromise necessary for the creative midfielder, who has just a year left on his contract.

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